Kind Soil - Stop trying & Start growing
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We are a small family owned business in Michigan, We used to, like everyone, spend thousands of dollars on our grows

I’ve personally been seriously growing since 2000. I’ve ran every main chemical line out there as well as soil programs and there’s nothing that would ever make me go back to any other system ever.  I spend 20 minutes every three days watering my plants and that’s it. I’m never in my room dealing with issues, bugs, deficiencies, PH issues or anything that used to eat my days and nights up.

Super soils and a lot of the organics scene have gotten a bad rep for production rates and slow growth.  I can assure you our system is nothing like other well known “super soils”, we make everything from scratch, we have our own dry amendment mix we spent years getting properly adjusted.  Everything in our soil (except perlite) is OMRI listed/Non-GMO.


Our company was never started as a company out to make a product for profit. Our main priority when we began, was to provide soil for local friends who were large scale growers wanting to not only simplify their feed system but also cut costs, without compromising quality and production.  Our product, name and quality mean more to us than any amount of money or attention, we will never compromise our product or name for anything. We don’t have investors to please or anyone to force us to cut corners or compromise our product quality for profits and we never will. When growers invest their money in a product they are investing in more than money, they invest time, energy and tons of hope. All of which can be thrown down the drain with a simple miscalcutaion or feeding error when using synthetics.  We not only take the guess work out of growing we make is simpler and cheaper than any other organic feed system out there, all without compromising growth or production rates.


 We like probably many of you have local companies releasing “super soils” and “water only” soils that basically are copying well known soil recipes and re-selling them, only later to find out you need to buy excess additives to get a longer veg times or denser grows, which in my opinion completely defeats the purpose of an effective “water only” system.

When using kind soil there is nothing you will ever need to add or boost to get a better grow. Its time to stop trying and start growing!

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