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Avid - 0.5 oz. bottle - US RESIDENTS ONLY -


0.5oz. bottle of Avid miticide/pesticide This product is a true pesticide. When using this product you must wear a mask, gloves, a body suit to protect skin and goggles to protect your eyes. DO NOT OVERUSE THIS PRODUCT! Avid can be used to defeat mites and other flying pests attacks on your indoor/outdoor plants. This is a well known proven product that is used and recommend when you have a serious bug infestation and can no longer use preventers or other organic products to slow the progress of the bug attack. This product is not organic. 

Mixing directions: 

From the eye dropper provided when purchased from us or obtain a eye dropper, you will add 9 drops to a 32oz spray bottle full of carbon filtered water. This water does not need to be PH adjusted. Shake the mixture up and spray all of your leaves top and bottom and any stems/branches. If using on indoor plants take them outdoors when spraying this product so that there is no residue or fumes that get into your home. If your bug colony is extensive we recommend treating the plants every 2 weeks in veg as well as pre-treating any smaller plants entering your room,  until you know there is no longer a bug issue. You can use this on outdoor plants as well following the same directions.