• Diatomaceous Earth 3lbs.


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    We buy this product in large amounts and re-package it in smaller 3lb.(approx. 10 cups) bags for your use. Diatomaceous earth is a powder like product from the remains of fossil diatoms. This Product is a great preventer that we always recommend using in soil grows. Its easy to use and can prevent soil bugs from effecting or attacking your grows. All organic potting media is harvested from forest products and generally always in some way contains bugs or bug eggs. Using this with every grow from the minute you plant your seedlings/clones, will aid in eradicating most soil bugs. 

    Mixing instructions: 

    Use with every planting from the start. Prepare your grow pot as our directions state (kind soil on the base of the pot, fill the remainder with your base media) then in a plastic bag, mix 2 cups of diatomaceous earth with 8-10 cups base media and shake the mixture up well. Once mixed properly the soil will have a white powder hue to the mixture. Take that mix and place 2-3 inches of the diatomaceous earth/potting soil mix on top of your prepared grow pot. 

    Once in place, when soil bugs attempt to crawl out of the grow pot or crawl into the grow pot the diatomaceous earth mix acts like miniature razor blades to the bugs. It will slice the exoskeleton which causes the bugs to dry out and die, It will also dry out any pests eggs that are dropped into the soil.  We recommend re-boosting the layer once the plant goes into flower.