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    each 5lb. bag will grow 

    1 - 5 gallon plants (2.5 months MAX vegetative growth plus you can complete your entire flower cycle after the veg)

    1.5 - 3 gallon plants (2 months MAX vegetative growth plus you can complete your entire flower cycle after the veg)

    2.5 - 2 gallon plants (1.5 months MAX vegetative growth plus you can complete your entire flower cycle after the veg)

    Kind Soil is a water only system and when properly used with a QUALITY base media ( roots organic original, bush doctor coco loco) You will never require the addition of any extra feeds or growth supplements. You will need a quality water PH meter and you should be keeping your night temps above 65 degrees. Water Ph is the backbone to our system, if your filtered water PH is in the rage of 6.3-7.0 DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR WATER PH, just water your plants. The only time you should be adjusting the water PH is if your PH is over 7.1 OR lower than 6.3. If your water ph is out of the safe range, then you MUST adjust the water with earth juice natural down (citric acid) or earth juice natural up (potassium bicarbonate). Do not use liquid PH adjusting product with our system you will encounter issues! Overwatering is the number one killer outside of people not monitoring their ph proerply. Make certain your not watering to runoff and your not watering on schedules. Most growers can go 5-7 days between waterings when done properly, less is always more you can always give more water if needed, you can't suck it back out of the media. Our system is made to provide everything your medical/vegetable/flower plants will ever require from vegetative start to harvest day all you will ever do is water. You will not experience burns, deficiencies or any other growth issues as long as your not exceeding recommended veg times for the amount of kind soil your using. Our maximum recommended veg times are max times you can veg the plant for before flipping the grow to flower and still be able to complete an entire flower cycle.  if you want to veg the plants for shorter lengths you can do so, that will not effect the grow, just do not EXCEED the max veg times given for the amount of soil your using. 

    Your flowers will have flavors, smells and tastes you never knew they had.

     We recommend using ROOT TRAPPER II grow pots with our system or any fabric pots for the best results. These pots allow the media to properly dry even when overwatering occurs, yet still keeps moisture in. They also do not leak water and humidity like fabric pots, they also aid in insulating your root zones. 

    DO NOT OVER WATER! overwatering is one of the biggest issues growers experience. Your plant is fragile and does not require massive amounts of water daily. Depending on the media you chose for your base, watering is only required once every 5-7 days.  Keeping the soil too moist slows the root growth, can create PH issues and will kill your plant. Never let your grow pots sit on cold floors or even just on floors in general cold air sits low and also creates colder soil. You want your soil temps to remain in the 65-70 degree range. 

    For more information please visit our soil information page.